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Buffet Breakfast

Dedicated to guests who appreciate the tastes and flavors of a rich buffet breakfast prepared to meet even the most vigorous appetites

The Buffet Breakfast is served daily in the bright veranda from 7 to 11, and it's prepared to satisfy even the most vigorous appetites

The buffet includes a choice of fresh fruit, Self service of orange juice and centrifuged fruit with vegetables and ginger. The hot buffet offers scrambled and boiled eggs, bacon, sausages, stewed tomatoes an assortment of cured meats and cheeses, Corn flakes and puffed rice, choice of various croissants, pan cake  and homemade and freshly baked cakes, and of course all the breakfast drinks, jams and honey, Nutella and a varied choice of yogurt.

There is no shortage of low-calorie and gluten-free products

For those who prefer to have a small breakfast in their room just call the room service, or order the evening for the desired time.